Simply Bored

I haven’t been feeling myself as of late, I’ve felt erratic, depressed, anxious, even sedate. Talking about my problems helps, I have someone who listens to me, at least.   I’ve reduced my information stimuli, To help achieve some peace of mind, And it’s helped a little, I think it has, This past weekend… shame […]

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Always stifled in expressing myself, Rarely found a safe place to be me, Placing my inner being on a high shelf, Out of reach, but where I can still see. I grow tired of holding myself inside, It really is exhausting this façade I made, Tired long before this month of May, My walls are […]

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That Dairy Air

I wakeup in the dark morning hours, Hall light burning my eyes, My mouth tasting sour, But it’s Monday, a good day of the week, After a weekend away from the love I seek, The love I seek is you, Wally World, Although you’re quite cold to me now, That’s simply fine, that’s fair, I […]

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Shower Thoughts

Last night two weeks ago went from bland to just horrible. A familiar reminder that I’m simply incorrigible. The screaming and shouting, all directed at me, I began thinking that maybe my existence just shouldn’t be. And then I realized just what I was thinking, Panic started setting in, my heart began sinking. Absolute terror […]

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Temporary Phase

I feel good today, I really do. Unbelievable, I know. I feel good, it’s true.   I just hope it’s not a temporary phase, Maybe it will last a little while longer, Before I descend back into the maze, The maze of a dreary mind on cloudy days. But for today I feel good, maybe […]

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Alien by the Window

Asleep at night, it’s been a long time, Dreaming of my memories while they fade, Never took me long to dream, really. Fifteen minutes, sometimes less, to dream of grey.   I’ve had one type of dream since I was ten, I’ve had this dream many times before, They never started out quite the same, […]

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This Home

I wakeup in bed, sweating in the afternoon heat, Pains in my back, from working all night and half the day, Yelling and shouting, anger seething and writhing in words, Go buy your own food! But I live here and work, I slave away!   There is no happiness in this home on many days. […]

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An Apple Tree

To find the love of my life, The other half of a perfect union, Someone I could love through joy and strife, A partner with whom to create beautiful children. But with how emotionally corrupt I feel right now, This idyllic concept fills me with fear, a fear so foul.   Growing a family is […]

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Bridget, My Only Sister

A star child born into the faceless void, She never stirred, never took her first breath. Her life had already been destroyed, And the parents knew a month before, soon they would learn the rest.   A business trip to Disney World it was an innocent affair, But the expecting mother 8 months along, please […]

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Old Shell

I used to be the quietest boy around, Hardly ever spoke, hardly ever made a sound. I used to read all of my days away, Always a book in hand, craving what it had to say. I used to shy away from everyone, Never wanted to be a bother, fearful of being shunned. I never […]

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