Do I need a title?

I absolutely hate June 5th. And tomorrow will begin a phase of hating June 6th. June 5th is the birthday of the sister I never got to meet. My only sister. Born lost, a stillborn. Gone 12 years before I ever came to be. I’ve always wanted a sister.   June 6th is the birthday […]

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Rain Today

It’s supposed to rain today, Lightning and claps of thunder, Shaman dance to keep the rain at bay, I can’t have this day torn asunder.   The ghostly haunting grounds, Where old bones lie and sleep, Cannot be flooded bound to bound, Otherwise, I’ll just quietly weep…  

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Moving On

Soon, reality will come crashing down, The gravity of it all sucking me in, Into an ocean to choke and drown, Coming face to face with terrible sin.   An action shall be taken, At the bones’ new haunt, My final words shall be spoken, These memories shall no longer taunt.

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Trace My Face

Daily Prompt: Trace   I trace the lines of my face, Putting all of the contours in place, And I look at the artwork on mirrored glass, No, artwork it is not, I’m not that crass.   Nose, underscored by mustache hair. Beard bristling, long, bushy and full, Blacks, reds, blonds, one white hair in […]

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I Won’t Know

Can I say that I’ve been in love? That I’ve swam in that chaotic ocean? Given up peace and released the dove? Life standing still, a ceasing of motion?   Would I know it, if I’ve been in love? I don’t know… I doubt I ever will, Until it’s time for me to go.

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Radiate In All Your Ways

via Daily Prompt: Radiate Dedicated to a friend I’m always happy to see, even though they’re seldom seen. |——————————————————–| You radiate light like the sun, Despite all of the damage done. Burning, dazzling, blinding, Hurting, bleeding, crying.   Even when you’re dark and on the run, You radiate a glow no one else seems to […]

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Moonlight Sonata

I’ve been looking for the moon, Searching for my guiding light, Where has the moonlight gone? Why are you hiding from me tonight? Only the stars are out to play, While I strum my piddly moonlight sonata, Horizon marching towards the day, Will this song become a toccata?

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The Things I Know

If you knew the things I know, Would you still be around? Be around allowing friendship to grow, Or would you burn the ground, On which I stand, And mark me with a cursed brand?   If you knew the skeletons I keep, Would you have a bone to pick with me? Break my bones, […]

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Hit Home

Life hanging by a thread, In a garden somewhere in Seattle. Did you hear the sound it made, As the poor slave lost the battle?   We heard it for many years, But never heard the cries of pain, Until it was much too late, Our Spartacus has been slain.   Growing up, Hearing the […]

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