Two Months Away From Change

My life is going to change in two months. I’ll be moving to another town to start a PhD program. I’ll be living in a townhouse and be able to grow plants for food, cook like I used, play video games, make music, and all sorts of things I haven’t been able to do because […]

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Blog Name Change

Hey everybody, I grew dissatisfied with my blog site address and name, ganymedebound. Now it’s jovialjupiter for my site address and Jovial Jupiter for my blog name. Funny what little things feeling stressed and depressed can lead one to do.   Bye! -Ez

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Do I need a title?

I absolutely hate June 5th. And tomorrow will begin a phase of hating June 6th. June 5th is the birthday of the sister I never got to meet. My only sister. Born lost, a stillborn. Gone 12 years before I ever came to be. I’ve always wanted a sister.   June 6th is the birthday […]

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