Return of the Jovian King

I have returned. The blogging hat is tightly fitted upon my young, balding head once again. And it seems the episode of possible depression I was suffering from is subsiding substantially as I write this in preperation for posting on August 1st. To herald my return, I have a jovial poem for you, my wonderful followers and followers to be.


Stuck in everlasting twilight,

In the ragged woods I roam,

With no moon or stars in the sky,

To guide me back home.


And just as I begin to lose hope,

I’d never find my way through the night,

The first rays of sun begin to peak,

Painting the sky in faintest light.


But the sun has yet to break the border,

‘Tween crumbling earth and unending sky,

And with this dying twilight, I have hope,

That this new dawn is not another lie.


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