Love and Pain

Does love breed pain? Or is it the other way around? Can love truly exist, If a pained soul cannot be found?   Is the pain of loving, Both humans and animals alike, Is it worth it, Worth the struggle and fight?   If the pain was intolerable, Did you really ever love at all? […]

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It’s like a wave crashing upon you, Where the sea meets beachhead sand, Except the water runs cold, runs through, And no one around to offer you a hand.   Like rolling waves ushering in a storm, These waves crash in a never ending cycle, Washing and eroding away the coastal form.   The waves […]

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On A Lonely Pier

On a lonely pier by the bay, I watch you sailing away, Carried along by a hateful breeze, Tortured to sail this endless sea, I can only hope, stay, and pray, That you’ll return to land some day.   And I’ll be waiting to welcome you ashore, Friend.

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Return of the Jovian King

I have returned. The blogging hat is tightly fitted upon my young, balding head once again. And it seems the episode of possible depression I was suffering from is subsiding substantially as I write this in preperation for posting on August 1st. To herald my return, I have a jovial poem for you, my wonderful […]

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