Two Months Away From Change

My life is going to change in two months. I’ll be moving to another town to start a PhD program. I’ll be living in a townhouse and be able to grow plants for food, cook like I used, play video games, make music, and all sorts of things I haven’t been able to do because of my current life situation. And frankly, I need this change. And it’s only 2 months away.

The only sad part is once again moving out of my parents’ house. Even though we’re a dysfunctional family and argue and stuff, they still care about me and I care about them. Outside factors influence most of the household strife, if only we could rid ourselves of those things, this household would be better off. But to hell with our tormenting neighbors, they’ll grow old and suffer from old age just like everyone else. Of course, there’ll still be the problems that’ll never be solved, at least as a family unit, but, maybe someday everyone in this family will have the most suitable solution to our biggest personal problems. I do love you mom and dad, my lifelong supporters. You both have your flaws, but don’t we all?

And I’ll have to leave behind my best friend. Which is saddening, too. Hopefully she’ll be able to visit once in a blue moon, her and her adorable little girl. All I can do is hope and be optimistic, even though those things have been hard to maintain lately.

Mixed feelings for this change all around. Hopefully I’ll get closer to finding the jollity I’m looking for.


I’ll hang up the blogging hat until August, though. I’ll resume it then with more than just poems! Maybe cooking and music and all sorts of wonderful types of posts! Until then, thank you to everyone who has read my blog, my poems. Thank you to those who consistently read each new post. And thank you to everyone who comes to find this blog over the next 2 months while I’m standing back and staying away.

See ya’ll in August,



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