Radiate In All Your Ways

via Daily Prompt: Radiate

Dedicated to a friend I’m always happy to see, even though they’re seldom seen.


You radiate light like the sun,

Despite all of the damage done.

Burning, dazzling, blinding,

Hurting, bleeding, crying.


Even when you’re dark and on the run,

You radiate a glow no one else seems to see,

Emanating from your heart and mind, your inner sun,

This radiation it draws me in, calls out to me.


You radiate love and compassion,

Friendship flows out from you,

Even when darkness is your fashion,

I’ll still be drawn to the friend that lives in you.


Its because you radiate in so many ways,

This friendship will never lose its warmth,

Even if your sun shines its dying rays,

I’ll be there to warm you, my friend,

I’ll continue to radiate forth.


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