Bridget, My Only Sister

A star child born into the faceless void, She never stirred, never took her first breath. Her life had already been destroyed, And the parents knew a month before, soon they would learn the rest.   A business trip to Disney World it was an innocent affair, But the expecting mother 8 months along, please […]

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Old Shell

I used to be the quietest boy around, Hardly ever spoke, hardly ever made a sound. I used to read all of my days away, Always a book in hand, craving what it had to say. I used to shy away from everyone, Never wanted to be a bother, fearful of being shunned. I never […]

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A Fantastic Story

Here I am at the latest of hours, mood turning sour, Filled with anticipation, decrying my lack of inspiration, To a world that never listens, a night sky that only glistens, Retreating into my mindscape, weaving a fantastic landscape. Crafting a fantastic story, to remain unwritten, My only private glory, to remain unsmitten.   And […]

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That Love

My poor grandfather, stricken with heartache and grief, His words haunting me with a darkened beauty… “I don’t think she realized how much I really loved her.” A true love stated so simply, always a man of few words.   A true love I long for, I can see it written on his face, And […]

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The Night Times

For an inspirational friend in darkest of hours and brightest of smiles. |———————————————————-| Restless, your mind forever churning, sleep never coming your way, Plagued by bad feelings, burdens forever burning, settled down to stay.   Darkened thoughts run abound without the glory of the Sun to chase the demons away. And with only the Moon […]

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