Two Words

It’s been several years since I last saw you,
After we had decided to part ways,
When the romance just couldn’t be found.
It’s simply been awhile, hasn’t it?
We’ve kept in touch since then,
Our friendship was still there,
Too bad it wasn’t there before.

And as time flies, we remember faces,
Look better than a Facebook profile.
So here you were on a whim, in the flesh.
You’ve changed, more mature than I remember,
That’s good to see, maturity makes,
A pretty face even prettier.

It was nice to see you, to spend some time together,
But none of those old feelings came rushing back,
Save that one, “I’ve missed you.”
And now you’ve left, imparting new feelings,
Nearly indescribable, “calm” coming closest to mind,
But also “restless” to contradict me.

Our time “together” is in the past, this I know,
But, I can’t help feeling that maybe this feeling,
Is what we were lacking all those years ago.
But I try not to dwell on things for too long, these days,
Or dangerously take anything at face value,
(It’s a lesson you helped to teach me,)
So, I won’t think too hard on it, not yet at least.

And so, I have to see you again, at least once more,
So I can say those two words I never said,
All those years ago when we parted ways.
Those two words I should’ve said,
With more sincerity and context,
Not too many days ago.
And as I think more about it,
It may be that these two words,
Best describe these new feelings.

Thank you.


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