What Is It

Those eyes, What is it about those eyes, That loses me in the moment? Makes me look once through thrice? Brings me to a tumultuous peace? Those eyes, They are neither blue nor gray, Not even an Irish shade of green. Not black as night, not bright as day, Maybe best to say a shade […]

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Interested To Know!

Queued up for a glimpse, Of some real science hit, He’s the talk of the town, After all, we all grew up, With him learning us a thing, Maybe two or three. But wait, what’s that I see? Some real science upstarts, Wanting for an older guide, Looking for the right path. Maybe I can […]

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I Want To Be

I want to be that boy who sings, Who sings to the girl up on the balcony. I want to be that scholar who learns, Who learns all that he can from nature. I want to be that teacher who gives, Who gives the youth the tools they need. I want to be that man […]

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Reference Frame

It’s such a curious idea, quite interesting, To think of distance distancing, Watching days growing tall and short. But never do we look around us, And forbidden to look ahead, Cursed with glaring foresight, Like the rotting tombs of the dead. Watch as they all run away, Running from the light of day, Hiding in […]

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